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Presiones de aborto

Is someone pressuring you to have an abortion?

We are here to help you make an informed decision and to know your options.  When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s your decision what you will do.  No one can decide for you or should pressure you to have an abortion.  Further, no one can force you to have an abortion, not even your parents or the father of the baby.  If you are feeling pressured (also called coercion) from someone to have an abortion, you have options. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will be happy to help you with your decision-making journey.  Our goal is to give you the freedom to choose what is best for your unique circumstances.

Abortion Pressures Help  

If you’re concerned about being pregnant and want help with your next steps, make an appointment for a free pregnancy test at Care Net Pregnancy Center. Before making any decisions about what to do, know for sure if you’re really pregnant. 

If you feel unsafe please call 911 or go to the police. 

If you are a victim of human trafficking (that is, if you are forced to provide labor or have sex for money), call the National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline at 888-373-788

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    Haga una cita

    Si le preocupa estar embarazada y no sabe qué hacer a continuación, haga una cita para analizar sus opciones. Responder sus preguntas y brindarle los datos es la razón por la que estamos aquí. Visite nuestro centro para obtener una prueba de embarazo gratuita y educación sobre el aborto. Todos nuestros servicios son gratuitos y confidenciales.