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In School?

Pregnancy Wasn’t Part Of Your Plans While in School

This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

If you’re in college in the Houston area and worried about an unplanned pregnancy, you may be experiencing a personal crisis full of concerns about your future. Let us help you work through the situation and answer your questions.

Don’t Panic Before You’re Sure

The most important thing you can do right now is determine if you’re really pregnant. Even if you’ve done a home test already, Care Net Pregnancy Center is able to offer you a medical-quality pregnancy test with confidential results at no cost to you.

I’ve Heard That I Should Get An Ultrasound

We offer limited first-trimester ultrasounds to qualifying clients. After your initial pregnancy test performed here at our center, you may qualify for a complimentary ultrasound to determine the viability of your pregnancy and how far along you are so that you can better understand your options.

Feeling Pressure?

An unplanned pregnancy in college might bring added pressure from a partner who is worried about his own future. Or a parent who had different plans for you. If you’re feeling pressured by someone else to have an abortion and want someone to talk to, make an appointment to speak with one of our staff members. You are not alone.

Thinking About Abortion?

Every year, our center sees women from the Lone Star College system, Prairie View A&M, and other campuses in the Houston area who are considering abortion as a solution to an unplanned pregnancy. If you’re thinking about visiting an abortion clinic, you have the right to be fully informed about abortion as a medical procedure. We invite you to make an appointment with our staff who can answer your questions about abortion procedures and risks.

Helping Students Since 1991

Care Net Pregnancy Center has been helping students from college and high school campuses with unplanned pregnancies for over 20 years. We understand you have questions:

  • How will I finish school?
  • What will my parents say?
  • Will I lose my scholarship?
  • What will happen to me?

You have a safe place to find the answers you’re looking for. Make an appointment to talk with one of our staff members today. All our services are free and confidential.

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    Make A Pregnancy Test Appointment

    If you’re concerned about being pregnant and don’t know what to do next, make an appointment for a pregnancy test at Care Net Pregnancy Center. Answering your questions and giving you the facts is why we’re here. Visit our center for a free pregnancy test and abortion education. All of our services are free and confidential.